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Name:Lisbeth Salander
Birthdate:Sep 5

"Her casebook was filled with such terms as introverted, socially inhibited, lacking in empathy, ego fixated, psychopathic and asocial behavior, difficulty in cooperating, and incapable of assimilating learning."

+Lisbeth Salander
+A world class hacker who goes by the name "Wasp"
+Does investigative work for Milton Security, though tells people she was hired to do the mail and make coffee
+She has four tattoos; a wasp on her neck, a tattooed loop around the bicep of her left arm, another around her ankle, and a dragon on her left shoulder that extends all the way down her back.
+She has a photographic memory, and is skilled at concealing her identity. Possessing many passports in various names, as well as physical disguises she can use
+She's highly introverted, asocial, and often as difficulty connecting with people and making friends
+She is particularly hostile to men who abuse women, and takes special pleasure in exposing and punishing them

“Don’t ever fight with Lisbeth Salander. Her attitude towards the rest of the world is that if someone threatens her with a gun, she’ll get a bigger gun.”

{Muse and mun are both over 18}
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